Must See

The 6 must see places on Ios


Paleokastro Byzantine Castle

On the mountain peak between the beaches of Psathi and Saint Theodoti the Paleocastro castle overrules landscape since the 16th century. It is a fortified building that has been constructed in medieval times by the Byzantine Empire during the short period of the island’s occupation. The castle used to be one of the main warning spots included to the Empire’s network so as the capital city be aware of foreign attacks. Within the castle’s walls Panagia Paleokastritissa church has its own fest annually in honor of Virgin Mary.

Contemporary Arts Museum Jean- Marie Drot

Loretta Gaitis Charrat has undertook the design of the museum that belong to the prominent French director, writer and former director of the French Institute Jean- Marie Drot. The little museum is located in an idyllic spot right above a little bay while its style applies the Cycladic architecture norms. The museum exhibits artworks of acknowledged Greek visual artists, such as Gaitis, Fasianos, Simosi, as well as Haiti representatives’ artworks and pictures from Drot’s personal archive. This museum in near future will be granted to Ios municipality and will be open to visitors.

The 365 churches of Ios

Ios Island has churches, chapels and little monasteries spread all around its extent, even at extremely sheer hillsides with difficult access. That is the way local people have chosen to express their religious perspective, so that each church corresponds to one day of the year!

Ios Ancient City remnants

Visit the ruins of Ios ancient city at the strategically important spot above the port of Ios where, nowadays, the Chora village is located. Discover parts of the ancient walls as well as the ancient path connecting Yalos port with Chora village.

Saint Theodoti beach

Explore Saint Theodoti at the northeast side of Ios. Do not settle for just swimming and sunbathing at the splendid beach or walking around the little village. Take the chance for sightseeing around the area in order to discover the remnants of the ancient waterworks aged back to the Roman period as well as the Hellenistic tower, but above all, do not forget to walk through the old settlement all along the way to Gefyri spot. The route promises hidden surprises for the visitor, since it crosses a beautiful grove full of myrtles and other plants of Mediterranean wild life.

The Medieval Castle of Chora

Trave into history visiting the remnants of the Medieval Chora Castle built in 14th- 15th century by the Venetian ruler Marco Crispi.